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I support you in processing, learning, and navigating your healing journey.

During the pandemic, I took time to process intentional and unintentional actions regarding self-care. I saw a trend of overworking, anxiousness, and inability to grant grace, leaving footprints of imposter syndrome. I began to recognize that a lack of healthy self-management fostered burnout, withdrawal, and irritability.

 “Welcome to womanhood.” Could this be life?

It was easy to look forward to the next thing and never really slow down to love yourself, set boundaries, and move past the superwoman syndrome. I recall attending a women’s group over a decade ago and expressing being overwhelmed and exhausted, and the instructor stated, “Welcome to womanhood.” Could this be life?

Fast Forward to March 2020, the world shut down, and my eyes became open. As a child, those simple things I once loved held so much value, such as a new meal, spending time with family, getting proper rest, going for a walk, lighting a candle, journaling, dancing, saying no, being in nature, and talking on the phone for hours became a love again. I began to embrace the beauty of self-care. Self-care isn’t just something we do when we are tired. It shows your mind, body, soul, and space that you are worthy of love.  Hence, K.I.M provides a safe space to rediscover your inner peace and, embrace practice makes progress.



Ready to start the journey of Rediscovery and embrace your self-care season?  

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Kia Oliver LICSW, LCSW-C, LCSW  is a Native Washingtonian and has worked in the behavioral health field for several years in D.C, MD and V.A. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with experience in providing case management, consulting, and family and individual therapy to youth, families, and adults. Ms. Oliver utilizes clinical interventions that often include art, mindfulness, empathy, movement, storytelling, skill-building, affirming, and trauma-informed care to empower clients. She is an eclectic therapist and often uses CBT, Person-Centered, Mindfulness, and Strength-based approaches to therapy. She is passionate about empowering and uplifting families, youth, and women. Ms. Oliver has developed groups, workshops, and retreats surrounding boundaries, healthy relationships, self-care, and anger management to enhance clients’ quality of life. She is a North Carolina A&T State University graduate with a B.A. in Psychology and a B.A. in African-American Studies.

Also, she holds a Master’s in Social Work from Howard University. Ms. Oliver also has a certification in Financial Social Work. Ms. Oliver firmly believes that a part of our growth is to help each other on life’s journey. Hence, she partnered with BloomH.E.R to help develop their foundational framework and workshops that Heal, Empower, and Restore girls and women of color. Ms. Oliver also founded Kreating Intentional Minds to provide a safe space for the rediscovery of self-care of individuals, groups, families, and programs through therapy, groups, workshops, program development, products, and curriculum development. She strives toward progress and not perfection by uplifting others toward their purpose.

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